We define storage as the temporary handling of goods, keeping them under control in a certain space to prevent deterioration and reduce waste.

As a complementary activity, for us, the distribution of finished products from the point of manufacture to the final consumer is the main objective.

We’ve said it before, we don’t care about the time of year, because distribution is the part that allows the transfer of the end products, whether it’s those goods or services, putting them at the service of end customers.


Handling MIXED goods (full truck or container)
Handling palletized goods (full truck or container)
Unloading of palletized goods
Unloading bulk or mixed goods
Loading and Unloading of vehicles
Loading of export or transshipment goods
Loading goods on exchange or palletized pallets
Loading bulk or mixed goods


Storage of goods
Storage of vehicles

Special or complementary warehouse services:

Labeling of goods intended for export
Palletize or depalletize the goods
Additional handling and classification of goods, more than 500 packages
Weighing on the goods scale
Opening or completion of T1 / T2L
Container stowage
Securing the vehicle (separate securing material)
Photos unloading and loading by truck or container
Management of destruction and abandonment

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