At Rodahmar we do everything necessary so that your merchandise is transported easily and transparently. We are specialists in maritime logistics, from France and Spain for export or import.

In addition to having the necessary means to achieve all the objectives, we maintain a close commercial relationship and continuous communication with the different maritime companies and shipowners, to offer FCL maritime transport services to any destination in the world.

If you wonder why, the answer is very simple, because we speak your language, we understand you, we know what you need at the right time and we have staff with extensive knowledge of international regulations and international trade procedures.

We cannot guarantee the lowest price, but what we can offer you is a complete international shipping solution..

Maritime transport Algeria - Spain

Why do we ask to do a zoom meeting?
At RODAHMAR we use the "zoom" application, as a videoconferencing solution focused on the business environment, and as it is an online collaboration, results can be improved, minimizing risks associated with COVID - 19 and reducing physical visits.

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