At Rodahmar, in addition to offering a complete storage and distribution service from our facilities, we also offer a complementary service for international trade and to increase business volume.

Advising our clients with international trade services, whether in France, Spain or anywhere in the world.

We realized that many of our clients were requesting business outsourcing or internationalization services, supplier research, legal procedures in Europe, Algeria, Mexico, Morocco, etc.

Following numerous requests from our customers, we considered covering this need further and providing added value to our customers, by offering a service capable of meeting this demand and establishing closer communication with our customers.

Why do we ask to do a zoom meeting?

At RODAHMAR we use the "zoom" application, as a videoconferencing solution focused on the business environment, and as it is an online collaboration, results can be improved, minimizing risks associated with COVID - 19 and reducing physical visits.

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